Thursday, October 24, 2013

seattle Eastside mice control Removal services

Effective Mice Control & Removal Services In Seattle
Mice are a common issue in homes and businesses. They damage your clothes, food, electrical wires as well as furniture by gnawing constantly on these items. They can be a big health risk due to the diseases they spread. Now all your problems are going to end as we offer a guarantee for our mice control and removal services. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and provide effective and convenient solutions to remove mice from the house, office or garden. During the process, we also ensure the safety of your children and family members.
Mice Control Services
AM/PM Exterminators are experts in mouse control services. We have a deep understanding of where mice live, what they eat and how they expand. As per our understanding, mice can fit in a hole of ¼ inch or more. We remove all openings, holes and gaps which are larger than ¼ inch. We seal all the cracks present in the foundations of the buildings and around openings of vents and water pipes etc. with concrete or metal. Also, we can provide you useful tips and tricks with the help of which you can prevent the mice enter your house.

Mice Removal Services
If you already have mice in your house, AM/PM Exterminators give you a guarantee to remove mice. We can remove dead mice as well as catch live mice with traps from your place. While removing dead mice, our technicians wear plastic or rubber gloves and take care of everyone's safety in the house. We will also disinfect or clean all items contaminated by mice. We will take all necessary steps to remove bad odor of dead mice.
Contact us now for getting rid of mice problem from your office or home. Our professionals guarantee a 24 hour response and they’ll do whatever it takes to make your home mouse-free.

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